I’m a math and literacy coach in Fairfax County Public Schools in northern Virginia. I’m deeply passionate about working to make this country what it says it is for EVERYONE. No prerequisites.

I decided to take the leap and set up my own website after running a blog on this platform for the past few years:

My blog began with a mostly education focus. As I began to learn more about systemic inequities in education, I realized how interwoven those systemic issue are with so many other systems in this country – justice, housing, banking, employment, and the list goes on. My personality type requires that I learn more about the root cause of a situation so I can best understand the way forward. Thus, my learning and writing has turned towards understanding and sharing more about the history that’s shaped the present.

In my personal life, I’m called mommy by two little boys – Owen and Henry – who I proudly (and sometimes blindly) am raising with my ultimate BFF James. I love to read. My greatest fear in life is that I’ll die without reading all of the books I want to read. I love to write. This blog has provided me an outlet I never knew I wanted. I am also super into the science of exercise and eating well.

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